How KENT CamEye is Better Than Vanilla GPS Tracker or Dash Cam?


Comparison of KENT CamEye with Vanilla GPS Tracker

People are now committed towards the security needs of their loved ones traveling in the car, whether alone or with drivers. Therefore, in this technological age, things like dash cams and GPS trackers are not only a trend but a necessity as well. These devices allow you to stay in touch with your kids when they are driven by chauffeurs or teenage children who are driving on their own.

Dash cams are primarily video cameras set up on the dashboard or mounted on the windscreen of the vehicle.  Depending on the lens they provide (single or dual), these in-car cameras are used to record inside and outside view of the vehicle. GPS trackers (Global Positioning System) on the other hand are used to track the accurate location of the vehicle on the map, either through a device or software. 

Different variants of these devices are available in the market offering a variety of features and are priced accordingly from low to high cost. However, one would have to install both the devices together in order to get a complete in-car security solution.

Now thanks to the advanced technology, we have KENT CamEye that offers incomparable features of both the dash cam and GPS tracker put together in one device. KENT CamEye is a next-gen car camera that ensures 100% security of your car and loved ones. This device, integrated with both audio and video capabilities offers distinctive security features that make it the best security system for vehicles and passengers.

The device has dual cameras – inside and outside, with 720p resolution and 120-degree FOV (field of view).  Both the cameras are enabled with infrared for clear night vision. The device also possesses a built-in microphone and speaker that helps with audio data capturing. Apart from these, the installation is quite easy as it has no onboard diagnostics (OBD). It is a plug and play device and can be mounted on the windshield easily by Do-it-Yourself process.  

Unlike ordinary dash cams or GPS trackers, KENT CamEye has a variety of exclusive features, therefore it is said to be the first-of-its-kind in-vehicle security device. Let’s see how it is different from the regular dash cams and GPS trackers already available in the market.  

Live video stream to see things happening in the car

Live video streaming is a feature you won’t find in an ordinary dash cam and only KENT CamEye offers this unique feature. The dual cameras of this device allow live video streaming of the car’s in-cabin or front view. You can watch real-time videos along with the audio of everything happening inside and outside the car while not being around it.

To view, you just need to go to the KENT CamEye app on your mobile and the Live video option would be available on the home screen.

2-way calling with car occupants in a single click

Yet another distinctive feature that no other GPS tracker or a dash cam offers is the 2-way calling feature with live video streaming. KENT CamEye has come up with the voice calling feature in which you can place a call on the device to communicate with the car occupants. The driver would be free from using a mobile phone while driving. It comes with an in-built microphone and speaker, allowing the driver to respond without even touching the device.

Large space with secure Cloud storage

Recording trip data and then its storage is a common feature you can find in any dash cam or GPS tracker, but these devices may have restricted or limited storage space. On the other hand, KENT CamEye offers unlimited secure Cloud storage to store the trip data making it independent of in-device memory. Any concern about the device running out of space can be put to rest with KENT CamEye.

No hard wiring installation

Most dash cams or GPS trackers come with OBD installation provision that disturbs the internal wiring of the car, eventually affecting the car’s manufacturer warranty. However, KENT CamEye is simply a plug and play device that doesn’t need any hard wiring to work. It is mounted on the front windshield of the vehicle and takes power from the 12V socket of the car through a USB cable. No technical help or mechanical efforts are required.

The aforesaid features along with many more make KENT CamEye one of the finest choices among all the dash cams and GPS trackers available in the market.


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