Build your Corporate Relations by Gifting Your Clients KENT CamEye


KENT CamEye for Corporate Relations

In the corporate world, sending gifts to your client is a standard way of building a business relationship. It shows that you appreciate them in a meaningful manner and expect to sustain a long-lasting business relationship. Therefore, you must put a bit of thought while deciding on the corporate gift items. It means you need to think beyond the conventional gifts like pens, wall calendar, desk cube, etc.

While digging out the best options for something new, you can take a look at the KENT CamEye vehicle security device. This is a dash cam with GPS tracker, loaded with advanced features which could be an innovative handout for your clients. This device has features like live video-streaming, time-lapse video recording, GPS tracking, artificial intelligence-based alerts and many more. These features help in creating a mesh for the safety of passengers and the security of vehicles.

Below are more reasons to choose KENT CamEye for the gift bucket:

The Gift of Safety:

KENT CamEye, a dash cam with GPS tracker takes care of the safety of people seated inside the car. Its various features can help clients to ensure the safety of their loved ones. They can live-stream the video of the inside and outside views of the car to check if their loved ones in transit are driven safely or not. With alerts like over-speeding, they would be able to keep a check on their teenaged children’s driving as well. Similarly, monitoring the driver’s activity would get easier with trip analytics.

With so much advantage that clients would be receiving at their end, they would appreciate your effort. It will eventually turn out to be favorable for your business ties.

The Big Brand Factor:

The brand name matters a lot because it is the first thing, anybody, notices in a product. Likewise, when you present KENT CamEye to your clients, the first impression they develop would be for the durability of the product with the name itself. KENT CamEye comes from the house of one of the most trusted names in household appliances. This will help in building your reputation since the client will understand that you believe in creating a trustworthy association in the business.

Non-hassle Use:

While choosing the gift for your clients, you must consider the ease of usability of the product. This is the reason KENT CamEye becomes a good option for corporate gifts. This dash cam with GPS tracker has a lot of technologically advanced features, yet it is very simple to use. Right from installation to the application, this vehicle security system can be comprehended in a quick time.

It’s a plug and play device with non-OBD (on-board diagnostics) installation, which means no internal or hard wiring will be required to use this device. The clients will surely like this fact since they won’t have to meddle with their car manufacturer’s warranty. Further, the device remains accessible on fingertips through the KENT CamEye mobile application. It allows accessibility of the device from anywhere in the world. With KENT CamEye, you gift the clients your sense of care and sensitivity, as you present them ways to ensure traveling safety of their loved ones. For more information call us at 9582612345


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