Make Your Jewellery Transportation Safer With KENT CamEye


KENT CamEye for Jewellery Transportation

Jewellery is a high-value asset, not just for consumers but also for the supplier or makers. You initially spend a lot of money before earning a profit on them. With so much expenditure, the value of jewellery surges and thus increases the risk to its security. For stores and warehouses, you have in-house security but worries increase when these pieces of jewellery or gems have to be transported from one place to another.

KENT CamEye is the perfect solution for such situations as you remain in charge of your high-value goods throughout the transition. This next-gen dash cam with GPS tracker empowers you with a range of features that help you keep an eye over the movement of gold, diamond, and other precious jewels.

Here’s how KENT CamEye for vehicles can help you in boosting the security of valuable jewellery during transportation.

Strengthen The In-Transit Security Of Your Valuable Goods:

There is a big risk involved while transporting jewellery from one place to another. One thing we can do to improve the security of the vehicle is to install KENT CamEye, a dash cam-cum GPS tracker. Till the time the van is on-road, you can keep a close watch on real-time activities going inside the van through live video streaming. Moreover, you get updates of its accurate location displayed over the map. So, you don’t remain clueless about what is happening in and around the van carrying your valuable goods. In case, you find any unpleasant incident taking place you can contact the nearby police station for immediate help. You will also have the time-lapse video to bring out relevant information and to collect essential evidence if needed.

Stay Connected To Drivers Throughout The Journey:

There are times when the driver’s cell phone goes unreachable during the journey. At the other end, frightening thoughts about driver’s negligence or chances of mishaps start troubling your mind. Instead of panicking and stressing yourself, you can use KENT CamEye to keep a watch. It keeps you connected with the vehicle and the people seated inside. The 2-way calling feature of this device allows easy communication with the passengers in the van in real-time. KENT CamEye possesses a built-in microphone and a speaker that helps in both-way communications. To add on to the security features, there’s no provision in the device to disconnect the call. It gets automatically connected after two rings. So, you can connect with your driver and his assistant through the device, in order to ensure your valuable goods are driven safely to the right destination. 

Keep A Watch On The Driver’s In-Vehicle Activity:

In the jewellery business during deliveries, you tend to hand over your valuable goods to the driver and his assistant which needs to be transported. However, they might not take the responsibility for its security or you don’t know if they could have other plans. Therefore, you must be aware of the activities and intentions that your driver and his assistant are exhibiting during the journey. KENT CamEye offers various alerts like over-speeding, unknown driver alert, breach of geo-fence, etc. to make you aware of any unusual activity taking place in the van.

You can put a geo-fence around the location. At any moment, if the driver turns in any other direction by crossing the virtual fence, you will receive a notification on your phone informing you about the breach. Similarly, if someone other than those in your list of drivers takes to the steering wheels, the notification of an unknown driver will pop-up on your mobile screen. Thereafter, you can take prompt action securing yourself from any loss.

Hence, get much-needed relief from stressful situations in your jewellery business. Make it more secure with KENT CamEye.

Below is  a video of a real-life incident of How KENT CamEye helped Motilal & Sons – A Jewellery Store Owner in his business:


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