How KENT CamEye is Beneficial to Customers


Benefits of KENT CamEye for Customers

Everyone has their own reasons for using KENT CamEye in their vehicles and the product’s wide range of features stand well to their expectations.  Be it the well-being of loved ones or the security of personal/ commercial vehicles, this innovative car camera with GPS tracker has helped build a strong wall of safety.

Customers find KENT CamEye very helpful when their family members or even staff are traveling from one place to another. This car camera comes pre-installed with an M2M SIM that provides uninterrupted network connectivity. It helps in constant monitoring of vehicles and passengers seated inside through the mobile application and fleet management portal. The moment a vehicle starts a trip, KENT CamEye immediately notifies the user about it so that every trip is in their knowledge.


Below we have listed a few common issues faced by people while driving, which were resolved using KENT CamEye:

To monitor Live activities inside the vehicle:  

The biggest concern for everyone is their family’s safety, especially when they are driven by a chauffeur or are on self-drive. The concern arises when we are not around them. Here, KENT CamEye helps you stay in touch with your loved ones even if you are miles away from them. This car camera with GPS tracker offers live video streaming through its mobile application. You can watch your kids going to school with your driver and their caretaker from anywhere in the world, check the conduct of your driver or can even live stream when your child or wife is coming home late at night.

To check the Speed of driver:  

You hire chauffeurs believing they can handle your car appropriately and can drive your kids safely around. But they hardly take care of these things and sometimes in your absence drive at high speed. Similarly, if you have a fleet business, the drivers generally exceed the speed limit at highways and you remain unaware of this until a damaging incident happens.

Therefore, to avoid such situations in future if you install KENT CamEye in your car, you can pre-define the speed limit of your vehicle, so once the driver crosses the set limit an alert would pop-up on your mobile screen, notifying about the breach.

Keep track of the vehicle’s location: 

Misuse of your personal or commercial vehicle is a common sight when it is driven by drivers.  They might take it to different places for personal use or use it to ferry passengers and generate extra income. Driving your vehicle without your consent can be prevented by keeping a track of your vehicle’s location during a trip. You can see the route on the map which your driver is following. All lanes and turns will appear on your mobile phone, so you can check if your driver intentionally took any detour while reaching the desired destination. In case you find anything wrong, you can immediately cross-check with the driver.

We have many more situations where our customers benefitted with different features of KENT CamEye. You can now book a free demo and get your family and car secured with KENT CamEye too.


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