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KENT CamEye for Car Dealership Business

Test-drive is an important presales activity in a car dealership business. But it does take a lot of financial effort in terms of maintenance and other expenses. Therefore, managing the usage of demo cars is essential as it can help in reducing the inefficiencies of the business and cutting redundant costs. This is where KENT CamEye, a new-age dash cam-cum-GPS tracker can help you significantly.  

You can install this car camera with GPS tracker in all your demo cars which will help in keeping a track of them. The dual camera in this device captures all the activities happening in and out of the car. The advanced GPS tracker will let you know exactly where your demo cars have gone for test drives and prevent possible misuse.

Here’s how KENT CamEye can help boost car dealership business:

Reduce The Cost Per Demo:

Customers seek demo of the car they want to buy and each demo costs a lot in terms of fuel and maintenance, which eventually impacts the overall turnover. So, the cost per demo effects the profit on the sale. Now, to maximize the efficiency in business, you need to keep control of the fuel and maintenance expenses.

The GPS tracker technology in the KENT CamEye vehicle security device offers a geofencing feature that can help in controlling fuel consumption during a test drive. You can put a virtual boundary around a location so that the car travels a limited distance (enough to determine the performance of the car). If the person crosses that area, you would receive an alert on your phone notifying you that the test drive is going beyond the marked area. You can then immediately contact your test-drive managers asking them to get back to the location. The consumption of fuel will go down with lesser distance traveled and, you can save substantially on your fuel costs. 

Get Good Resale Value For Demo Cars:

In the car dealership business, there’s another market where the demo cars are sold off. Many people prefer to buy these used cars which are yet considered as new since they remain legally unregistered. But here the challenge for a car dealer is to maintain the demo cars well to get a good price of them. This is possible only if the car is driven carefully and not rashly at high speeds.

To help ensure the good condition of the demo cars, KENT CamEye offers over-speeding alert. You can set the speed limit through its mobile application. During the test drive, if the driver or a prospective customer crosses the set speed limit, you would get a notification on your mobile. Once you find the car is moving beyond the speed limit, you can call them and ask to slow down.

Manpower Cost Remains Under Control:

Many customers want to have a test drive with no salesperson along. But for security reasons, it becomes difficult for the dealer to hand over the car without any manager or salesperson around. For this, you need to have extra manpower, which is again an added cost. KENT CamEye is there to help you manage this cost-building process. The device installed in the demo car has a dual camera to show you inside and outside view of the car. You can live stream the video when the prospective customer has taken the car for test-driving without a manager or salesperson sitting inside. You can easily watch the in-cabin activities and also get a view of the road through the outside camera.

In case of any misconduct, you can give a call to the customer on the device through the 2-Way Calling feature. This way, you can keep an eye on your demo car even if your test-drive manager is not present in the car. It will also help in reducing the cost of extra manpower.

Hence, the KENT CamEye car camera with GPS tracker will let you manage your car dealership business very efficiently.

Watch the video below to see how a car dealer got benefitted by integrating KENT CamEye into his business.


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