Make Your Fleet Safer For Women With KENT CamEye


KENT CamEye for Women Safety in Fleet

Women generally do not prefer to take a cab or taxi when they are traveling alone. The prevailing insecurity is what makes them avoid taxi services. Every day a large number of women travel, either to their workplace or any other destination and when it comes to choosing the mode of commute, they prefer buses, metros or their own vehicle. This phenomenon is quite common almost in all the cities, but it could have a pronounced impact on the fleet business if left unaddressed.

Being a fleet owner, you can avoid this concern by employing better safety solutions in taxis. To improve the services, most of the taxi owners buy GPS trackers to help keep track of the vehicles. However, a GPS tracker merely reports the location of the cab and has limited access to the driver’s behavior.

To upgrade and enhance the passengers’ safety, it is better to have a more technologically advanced device such as KENT CamEye. It’s a next-gen vehicle security device with features of both a GPS Tracker and a Dash cam that helps to ensure the safety of passengers driven in the taxis. 

KENT CamEye is embedded with dual cameras and an in-built microphone. It provides live audio and video updates for both the inside and outside views of the vehicle. The device allows real-time location tracking of the car with a route playback facility.

Here’s how you can ensure the safety of women passengers in your taxi:

Live stream to check the driver’s behavior

While hiring the drivers for your fleet, you might not get their intentions and behavior clearly. You need to constantly keep a check on whether your women passengers are driven safely with them or not. KENT CamEye lets you check the real-time footage of the in-car activities. You can live stream the video anytime to check if the driver is driving properly or not. Even the conversation between the driver and passenger can be heard to keep a check.

Track to monitor if the driver is on the right route

You can stay extra careful when a lady passenger has hired your taxi service. You can track the live location of the taxi while it is in transit to see if it is on the right route or not. Moreover, you can create a virtual fence around the location to make sure the driver doesn’t take any detour. Even if he tries to do so, the device will send an alert on the mobile phone and you can be notified immediately. So, you will have control of your taxis throughout its journey.

Directly call on the device and talk to the passenger

The moment you sense anything fishy or inappropriate happening while the taxi is en-route, you can directly give a call on the KENT CamEye device installed in the vehicle. The 2-way calling feature can be used along with live video streaming. The call would get auto-connected and you can talk both to the passenger sitting at the back seat if she is facing any trouble or not as well as to the driver directly.

Get an alert for the unusual noise level in the taxi

Using KENT CamEye, you can set a limit for the standard audio level in the car. In case of exigencies, if the woman passenger driven in your taxi is shouting aloud, you will get an alert on the mobile phone immediately as the noise level will exceed the set limit. Thus, you can take quick action without any delay.

Know when the driver over speeds the taxi

In some cases, the driver might try to play smart and drive the taxi at a high speed. The speed limit can be kept in control as the device will send an alert when the driver overspends. There’s a provision in KENT CamEye that allows setting up the limit for speed, so at any moment if the driver accelerates the taxi beyond that limit, a notification will be received on your phone and action can be taken accordingly.

Therefore it is advisable to install a comprehensive car security system in the fleet vehicles that have features of both GPS tracker and dash cam to ensure the safety of passengers in the taxis.


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