Importance of Employing KENT CamEye in School Buses


KENT CamEye for School Buses

School is the place after home where kids spend most of their time and where parents believe their children are safe. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the school management boards to provide kids with a protective environment. The moment children get into the school buses, it becomes the duty of the school administration to look after them. For security inside school premises, CCTV cameras are installed which are constantly monitored by the administration staff. However, questions arise about the time when kids travel in school buses and how to ensure their safety then.

To meet this concern, a wide range of GPS trackers in India have been made available for use that helps in real-time location-tracking of the buses over the route. However, due to certain limitations, they don’t ensure a complete security system and therefore, a more innovative system is required that can help in creating a safety mesh around the students on-board to school buses.

KENT CamEye is the device that has recently been launched and can solve this purpose by ensuring the safety of children on-board the school buses. It’s a dash cam with GPS tracker enabled with both audio and video capabilities and can also track real-time location with higher accuracy. 

Purpose of bringing KENT CamEye in use:
  1. KENT CamEye offers live video streaming of both the inside and outside views using which, the school administration staff can watch the driving behavior of the bus drivers and their assistants. The audio is also audible enough to allow listening to the on-going communication inside the bus. They can check if the students are treated in a decent manner or not and the language used by the drivers.
  2. Even if the school administration doesn’t live-stream the video, there is a feature in the device that lets them see the recorded video of any trip at a later time. For instance, if any verbal abuse or immoral gestures are being reported by students or their parents, the school authority can check the recorded time-lapse video of the particular trip. These recorded videos are stored on a secure Cloud system for 90 days and can be accessed or downloaded on the phone within this period. It can further help in taking necessary action to resolve the complaint.
  3. School administrations can track and monitor the route on which the bus drivers operate. They can see if they are driving on the same route that they are supposed to or if they are taking a detour. Seen as one of the best school bus GPS trackers in India, KENT CamEye displays the route through the map on the mobile phone. Moreover, the routes traveled by the buses are available for playback later. Hence, the administration can keep a close tab on the movement of each and every bus.
  4. Schools can monitor constantly if the students on the bus are driven safely or not. KENT CamEye sends alerts like Over speeding and Noise level alerts that can help the school authority to monitor rash driving by the bus drivers. The device will immediately send notifications to the owner if the driver exceeds the set speed limit or the in-cabin noise level is higher than the permissible limit.
  5. Employing KENT CamEye in school buses would help the school management to streamline the services and make it cost-effective. Constant monitoring of driver behavior would help in reducing the unauthorized use of buses by drivers and their assistants. The trip analytics section and engine idling alert of KENT CamEye will instantly inform the administration about the misuse of buses. So, along with the safety of students, KENT CamEye can also be used to keep a check on the expenses of the school buses.   
Overall benefits of KENT CamEye

Parents’ trust in the school bus service would grow

When parents find that the school administration is itself very prompt in adopting safe and smart security measures for their children, they would highly appreciate it. They would be assured the safety of their kids on the school buses and this would help in maintaining the positive attitude of parents towards the school management.

Help in building a reputation

The biggest concern of parents is the safety of children in their absence. Thus, while choosing the school institution, security provisions become a crucial deciding factor. The installation of a security device such as KENT CamEye in school buses will have a positive impact on the parents and they will be more inclined to get their kids enrolled in that school.

Efficiently manage the school buses

Apart from students’ safety, KENT CamEye can help the school administration in efficiently managing the bus services. It would help them save costs commonly generated due to the negligent behavior of drivers. 

Hence, KENT CamEye provides important solutions to multiple problems that school administrations face with the onboard safety of students using the school bus service.


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