KENT CamEye for In-Transit Cash Vans of Banks


KENT CamEye for In-Transit Cash Vans of Banks

One of the major challenges in the banking industry is the in-transit security of vehicles carrying cash. The cash transfer typically involves transport from the bank’s currency chest to different branches and to ATMs. For this, the bank hires rented armored vans, along with drivers and handlers. So, with the frequent transfer of cash, it becomes very important for the banks and even fleet owners to constantly monitor the vans carrying the money. Therefore, having a location-tracker or dash cam for cash-carrying vehicles will give much-needed relief to both the fleet owners and bank authorities. It can help them with regular updates about the location and distance traveled by cash vans.

What is Cash In-Transit?

Cash-in-transit involves the movement of actual cash from one location to another, such as cash being removed from a bank vault and delivered to a business customer in an armored car.

KENT CamEye provides the best fleet-tracking solutions for cash vans with real-time reports right on the smartphone. This dash cam-cum-GPS location tracker assists the bank authorities in tracking real-time location and situation of cash vans. The advanced features of KENT CamEye provide the exact information of the vehicle from time to time.

There are dual cameras in KENT CamEye, the inside camera to record in-cabin activities of the van and outside camera, which shows the on-road events through the front windshield view. The device has a built-in microphone and speaker that provides audio connectivity. Additionally, the GPS functionality would let the bank authorities or fleet owners stay in touch with the van from time to time. A variety of sensors and alarms contribute to the safety of the cash van by generating immediate alerts and notifications. Tampering the device is not easy and plugging-out would send a notification on the user’s phone. Therefore, the device in the van itself encourages disciplined driving behavior, thus ensuring safety of cash in the vehicle.

How KENT CamEye Protects Cash Vans

Now let’s see how KENT CamEye can help the cash vans in reaching the destination safely:-

Now let’s see how KENT CamEye can help the cash vans in reaching the destination safely:

 Live Video Streaming of Cash in-transit:

KENT CamEye offers live video-streaming for both the inside and outside view of the vehicle. Bank authorities or fleet owners can keep monitoring the vehicles throughout their journey. The audio-video capabilities of this device can help them watch and listen to the in-cabin discussions between the driver and his assistant. In case, any foul play is sensed, authorities can immediately take necessary action. They can ensure the cash is being transported through safe hands.

Tracking of the route traveled by Cash Vans:

Bank authorities have to keep track of the route traveled in order to see if the van is going in the right direction or not and to ensure the timely arrival at the destination. Instead of depending on the walky-talky connectivity or calling on mobile phones, the banking personnel can track the exact location of the cash van on the map. As a GPS location tracker, KENT CamEye will help with real-time updates about the route and lanes through which the cash van will move.

Create a geofence around the route:

Other than real-time tracking, KENT CamEye could help in defining the routes as well. Authorities can create a geo-fence around the area they want the cash van to travel. If the van driver tries to deviate from the route and takes a detour, an alert would be triggered immediately to the mobile phone connected to the device. In this way, chances of pilferage or any inappropriate incident can be prevented.

Get informed if an unknown-driver takes the steering wheel:

Using KENT CamEye, bank authorities can ascertain if the right person is driving the cash van or not. They can enlist the designated driver into the record of known drivers on the device. Further, if an unknown driver comes in and takes the steering wheel in his hands, the device with its face-recognition technology would find it to be an unknown face and notify the user about the breach with an alert.

Employing KENT CamEye in the cash vans could be a great relief for the bank authorities and fleet owners who are involved in cash transport. The device would help in safely transporting the cash to its respective destination and prevent any breach or pilferage.

You can take a look at KENT CamEye and know about the features in detail by simply booking a free demo. Call at +919582612345 and book the demo now.

Why Should You Invest in A Dashcam for Cash Vans of Banks?

Cash vans carry the risk of being looted on the way. Therefore, it is important to assure its safety during transit. One of the best ways to keep a check on such vehicle is to install dashcam. By installing dashcam, you can monitor the cash vans. Hence, you can minimize or even eliminate the chances of cash loot from cash vans with the help of dashcam.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Dashcam for In-Transit Cash Vans of Banks

  • You must look for the quality of the dashcam
  • You must check out the availability of all the important features
  • You must check for the affordability of the camera

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Why Choose KENT CamEye CarCam 2?

Kent CamEye CarCam 2 is a vehicle security camera that comes with exclusive features such as:-

  • Dual Camera – Two different cameras for both sides. One for inside car cabin and other for outside road view.
  • Live Video Streaming – Watch both inside and outside of your car in real-time, whether it is moving or parked.
  • 2-way Calling – You can easily connect with the driver and your loves ones travelling inside the car with 2-way calling feature.
  • Night Vision – Provides crystal-clear clarity even at night with Infrared LEDs in both cameras.
  • Video Recording in Parked Mode – You can ensure security of your car even when it is parked with event-based video recordings.
  • Smart Mobile Alerts – You can improve the security of your vehicle with smart mobile alerts.
  • SOS Functionality – Your driver or occupants can press the SOS button on the dashcam in case of emergency.

Frequently asked questions:-

1. How do you secure cash-in-transit with a dash cam?

To secure cash-in-transit, you must install Kent CamEye CarCam 2 in the cash vans.  Kent CamEye CarCam 2 is a vehicle security camera that will help to record real-time video streaming of both inside and outside views of your vehicle. Thus, you can keep an eye on the vehicle in motion and therefore ensure security of the vehicle.

2. Why is cash-in-transit management important?

Cash-in-transit management is important to avoid cash van loot. For cash-in-transit management, you must install Kent CamEye CarCam 2 in the cash vans. By installing this vehicle camera, you can monitor what is going on inside the cash van.

3. Do dashcams in cash-in-transit security allow us to connect at any time?

Yes, you can connect with the driver of a cash van anytime with the help of 2-way calling. You can talk to the driver whenever you need to. Thus, with the help of 2-way calling feature, you can keep connected with the cash van driver.

4. In a cash-in-transit van, does the dash camera always function?

Dash camera records continuously. You can record the live streaming of the cash van during the entire journey of the vehicle.

5. How Kent CamEye provides better security to banks for cash-in-transit security?

Kent CamEye CarCam 2 is an excellent vehicle security camera that helps to monitor your car’s movement in real-time and playback trips on a map to track your car’s route at any given time. It also comes with a parked mode recording feature which helps you to keep an eye on the vehicle even in the parked mode. Thus, it is one of the best vehicle security cameras to ensure cash-in-transit security.


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