How Can You Secure your Vacant Home When you are on a Vacation?


People who want to unwind and take their minds off work usually go on a holiday with their family or friends. They like to visit desirable properties in some of the best locations in the country, to have a great time with their family and unwind and refresh, especially when the weather starts playing foul in the cities where they live through the rest of the year. So, when the summers start getting scorching hot, these people prefer to go on a long vacation to any of the locations across the length and breadth of the country and come back after the heat levels go down. Similarly, to avoid chilly winters, they would go on a holiday to a place where the cold is bearable.

The time that these families spend on trips could range from a couple of days to weeks to even a month or so. This leaves their home vacant for that time period. Properties without residents or caretakers may then lead to security troubles. These properties are more inviting for plotting criminals.

Below are a few things you can do to ensure security of your vacant homes:

You can do a lot of different things to save yourself from encountering a crime unfolding in your property when you come back from a holiday and to guard it against any threat to its security throughout the year.

You can lock all the doors and windows and install more advanced locking systems to prevent a break-in. Or you can befriend your neighbours and ask them to keep an eye on your home when you are not around and pay a visit every now and then to see if the doors are properly locked and if there is anything unusual to report.

One more thing that you can do is make your property appear occupied. Abandoned properties are most attractive for thieves, vandals, and burglars. To give these criminals the appearance that your property has residents, you can use smart interior lights that switch on every few hours during the day. You can also ask your neighbours if they could help to deal with your home security concerns by parking their cars in your driveway or garage and make the house look inhabited.

Another self-dependent and effective way to ensure security of your homes is by installing a good quality camera on the property.

Invest in a Home Security Camera

Installing a home security camera is one of the best ways to ensure that your home remains secure through the entire year, especially the duration of time when it is vacant. Now, there are plenty of home cameras available in the market to choose from. Your decision should also take into account one of the most important features of the camera – remote access to monitor everything that is happening in your home, and that too in real time. This is a very important feature to have in a home security camera. You need a device that can help you keep an eye on your property 24/7.

A home camera system is a smart investment. However, the make of the camera you choose will make a world of difference to your home security effort. KENT CamEye HomeCam 360 is the perfect solution for your home security concerns while you are on a holiday. Once you install it on your property, you will be notified every time an intruder tries to make an unauthorised entry. And it has a loud intruder alarm that is raised at the same time an alert is sent to your phone. The alarm can catch the attention of your neighbours, who can either drive the criminals away themselves or call the police to handle the situation or you could inform the police yourself.

Home Camera

In addition to helping you tighten the security of your home, your home security camera also helps you identify if there are any problems in the house like water leakages or fire while you are away, and you could take immediate action to fix it.

Also, there are people who buy vacation homes that they visit once or twice every year. For the rest of the year, the vacation home remains unoccupied. Your vacation home deserves as much of your attention as your city home does. At the end of the day, it is an investment, which you need to protect like all the others. A home security camera like KENT home camera can help you to ensure the safety of your vacation house too.


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