Use KENT CamEye to prevent Black Marketing of Hygiene Products


Prevent Black Marketing of Hygiene Products with KENT CamEye

The entire world today is suffering from the pandemic due to novel coronavirus outbreak. People are advised to take utmost precautions and maintain hygiene. Consequently, the demand for several health and hygiene products like masks, sanitizers, disinfectants, etc. has risen. However, black marketers and hoarders are taking advantage of the situation to make money out of this worldwide issue.

The initial stage where black marketing may occur is the time when stock is in transit for supply.  There could be instances where the driver or some other staff member has a deal with someone and they try to sell the products illegally to them. Later, they may narrate a story of robbery or loot that without any way to verify is accepted as truth by the owner. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye upon the transport of the material, from the factory to different outlets. A vehicle tracking system like KENT CamEye should be implemented in the supply chain vehicles to put a stop on black marketing. It will help in keeping a track of the moving vehicle, and monitoring drivers conduct during work.

Here’s how KENT CamEye can help to prevent Black marketing:

Real-time tracking:

It is important to stay aware of the places where the van that is out for supply, travels through. An unusual route taken by the driver can be one of the reasons behind the pilferage of the material. Therefore, keeping a track of the route followed by van is very important. KENT CamEye, a dash cam cum GPS tracker can help in real-time location tracking. It shows the progress of the vehicle over the map, illustrating the route on which it is travelling. While monitoring, if any suspicious movement is seen, the driver can be immediately contacted to prevent the chances of pilferage.

Live video streaming:

There’s one more way to keep a tab on black marketers. KENT CamEye offers live video streaming of both the inside and outside views of the vehicle. It has dual cameras with a microphone and speaker that helps in streaming the real-time video of the vehicle. Using this feature, the driver’s activity while driving can be monitored closely. On finding anything unusual, the driver can be reached through 2-way calling.

It is yet another advanced feature which allows admin to call on the device, and talk to the driver. The call auto-connects, so the driver or his assistant cannot find a way to ignore the questions.

Get alerts for Trip end and Engine idling:

There’s a possibility that the supply truck stops in the middle of the journey to give away goods to someone else on the way. Situations like this can be deterred with KENT CamEye which notifies when a trip starts and ends. When the supply van is on its way to the outlet for delivery and it stops on the way, an alert would be sent to the admin, who can then verify if the stop-over place is the desired destination or not.

In some instances, the drivers might play smart, and without switching off the engine, they could stop to unload the necessary materials. However, KENT CamEye has a solution to this as well. It offers alert for engine idling which is prompt and helpful to affirm the present situation.

Geo-fencing to avoid detours:

To secure the supply process, geo-fencing of the route can be done using KENT CamEye.  Managers handling transportation can put a virtual boundary around the location. In case, the driver crosses that boundary, the manager would receive an instant alert of the breach. Consequently, the driver can be contacted and guided to get back to the designated route.

Hence, KENT CamEye is a useful device to prevent black marketing or hoarding of essential items in this time of crisis and should be installed in all the supply vans to closely monitor driver behavior.


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