What makes Face Attendance systems perform better than other Biometric systems?

Not so long ago, most companies across the world were using fingerprint-based biometric attendance machines. And for a while, they performed better than the card-based systems that came before them. However, over a period of time, companies realized that neither the card-based systems nor the fingerprint-based biometric attendance machines were good enough – neither in terms of security nor reliability. In the past couple of years, biometric attendance machines such as attendance system face recognition with face recognition technology have become quite popular amongst organizations of different sizes and types.

And many large enterprises have already switched to face recognition-based attendance systems faster than anyone else. Well, it could be argued that they have the resources to make such a move without creating any fuss. However, the same can’t be said about small and mid-sized organizations. Some of them are still working with attendance technologies that are becoming fast obsolete. While others are planning to make the switch in the time to come.

However, the question that many organizations are still asking themselves is whether it is worthwhile to upgrade to face attendance systems or not. Well, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. And there are enough reasons why these biometric attendance systems are better than their predecessors. To understand, how does biometric attendance machine work, read below.

How does a facial recognition attendance machine work?

To begin with, let us discuss the working of such a biometric system of attendance. For instance, there is a database where all the employee faces are stored. Employees are asked to mark their attendance by using a tablet/phone screen, as used in KENT CamAttendance, one of the best facial recognition-based attendance systems which is installed at the entrance of an office. Employee faces are captured on the screen and then sent to the database to strike a match. If there is a match, attendance is marked. If there isn’t, the system returns with the message, “face can’t be recognized’’. This is how the attendance machine works.

A face attendance system or attendance system face recognition helps in capturing attendance in less than a second. This is how the facial recognition attendance machine works.

The best thing about facial recognition-based attendance systems is that their ability to deliver accurate results has nothing to do with changes in facial features or the use of different fashion accessories. So, if the image of an employee that is stored in the database has a beard and the employee decides to shave it off, the attendance system face recognition will still be able to capture the attendance of that employee. This explains how the attendance machine works.

How does the fingerprint attendance system work?

Fingerprint attendance systems help to verify the identity of the person clocking in and out. To begin with, the fingerprint of the employee is scanned. And, the endpoints and intersections of the fingerprint are matched with the record present in the database and accordingly, access is granted. A new employee has to newly add his/her fingerprint to clock into work each day. This is how does fingerprint attendance system work.

How are face recognition biometric attendance machines better than their fingerprint-based counterparts?

Here mentioned are the differences between face recognition vs fingerprint:-

  1. Face Recognition Attendance System has almost 100% accuracy. On the other hand, fingerprint-based attendance systems are not as accurate in many situations. This is a major difference between face recognition vs fingerprint.

2. Facial Recognition-based attendance system provides touchless safety. The world now understands the risks associated with contact-based systems. And apart from the biometric system of attendance, we don’t have any other biometric system that can be put in the category of absolutely touchless.

3. Face attendance systems allow remote and field workers to mark their attendance from anywhere. The same is not the case with the fingerprint attendance system. Many organizations have already introduced facial recognition attendance systems while there are many others that are working hard to roll it out sooner rather than later.

4. User consent is required in the fingerprint system whereas user consent may not be required in the facial recognition attendance system.

5. Fingerprint system is extensively used in identification and authentication. However, the facial recognition system is extensively used in surveillance and public applications.


Facial Recognition Attendance System such as Kent CamAttendance is one of the best facial recognition-based attendance systems. It comes with a mobile-based attendance solution that remote and field workers can install on their Android phones to mark their attendance from almost anywhere. Now that you have understood, how does biometric attendance machine work, install Kent CamAttendance, a well-known attendance system face recognition machine for a fast, accurate, and seamless attendance system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is face recognition attendance system important?

The facial recognition attendance system is the most accurate and quick attendance system. It helps to simplify the attendance system in your organization. Another important point to be noted is that it is a safe attendance system.

Is a fingerprint more secure than Face ID?

Both fingerprint and face ID are secured attendance systems. But facial recognition attendance system is a safe and highly secured attendance system.

Which biometric attendance system is more affordable?

Kent CamAttendance system is an affordable attendance system. It comes with a lot of unique features which simplifies the attendance procedure. This attendance system enables organization-wide transformation of time and attendance systems for improved efficiency and employee convenience.

What are the factors of facial recognition system efficiency?

An efficient facial recognition attendance system comes with various features. For the effective working of an attendance system, it should have features such as high speed and accuracy, Real Person Detection, touchless identification, and end-to-end security.

What makes facial recognition software a powerful tool in today’s world?

Facial Recognition software when employed in a workplace helps to streamline the attendance system. It is a smart technology that makes the attendance procedure easier.