5 Key Features of Touchless Face Attendance Systems

Features of Attendance Management System

The pandemic has forced many organizations to work cautiously. This has led to a sudden rise in the increase of cloud-based processes as well. But with hybrid working systems, organizations also have to deal with a number of challenges that were non-existent prior to the pandemic. Some of these include authentication and data security. So, whether you are working remotely or experimenting with a hybrid work model, you need an attendance system that can help you manage employee time and attendance and at the same time, allow you to manage data security. This is the reason that facial biometric systems have become so popular in the last one year or so. They not only help in tracking employee attendance but also verification of those employees who are coming to office.

An AI facial recognition technology based facial recognition system can go a long way in allowing businesses to set up automated attendance monitoring and management solutions. Hence, understanding what makes a good facial biometric attendance system would only help you make an informed decision. There are some features that you should not compromise with when choosing a biometric attendance system for your business.

Top 5 Key Features of Touchless Facial Recognition Attendance system

1. Face Detection in Real-Time

A face attendance system can be effective and be the right solution for organizations if it is able to detect and identify faces in real-time. If it is taking too much time in recognising faces from a database, it is not serving the purpose of marking attendance less time consuming. The best biometric face attendance systems available in the market like KENT CamAttendance are also good in detecting faces in low-light conditions as well as from different angles. And face detection is only a part of the job. The attendance machine also needs to match the detected faces with the employee records stored in the database to successfully capture the attendance of employees and catch those who are turning to unauthorised and illegal ways to mark their attendance.

Facial Recognition Technology

Touchless biometric attendance systems like KENT CamAttendance take hardly a second to capture employee attendance –that involves detecting their faces and then matching it with records. What’s more, these new-age attendance systems can detect a person on the basis of their face identity from a group of people. So, even if a few people are standing in a crowd in front of the system, it will still recognise one face at a time. This is the type of functionality that you get with a system that uses artificial intelligence. And these systems are almost 100% accurate, with a very low error percentage.

2. Detects only Real People

Touchless facial recognition system is perfectly capable of differentiating between real people and photographs. What this does for organizations is eliminate the cases for proxy and unauthorised attendance. Employees can’t use digital or physical photographs to mark their attendance. This feature of the biometric face attendance system can also help organizations in preventing security breaches as well as unauthorised people from entering the workplace or gaining access to their backend system. KENT CamAttendance has image sensors, which enables it to capture every possible face contour before putting the algorithm to work for matching details with images stored in the database.

Facial Recognition System-Only Real People Detection

3. Offline Tracking of Employee Attendance

The attendance systems that we have grown used to over the years need continuous internet connectivity to not only capture but also store the attendance of employees. Without the internet, these systems are not able to manage the clock-in and clock-out times of employees. This is why touchless face attendance systems like KENT CamAttendance are seen as an upgrade to the ones that have come before them. Even if the internet goes down due to any reason, these touchless systems will function in the offline mode to capture and store attendance data. Once the internet connectivity resumes, they sync the recorded data to the cloud database for secure storage and easy accessibility.

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4. Integration with HRMS

Biometric facial recognition technology system tracks employees time and attendance accurately, thus helping HR teams to minimise administrative costs and improve productivity. However, to enjoy these benefits, organizations need to make sure that they integrate the attendance system with their human resource management system (HRMS). By doing this, organizations can:-

  • • Monitor work schedules of all the employees
  • • Keep track of working hours for employees on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • • Deploy workforce better with access to information related to leaves
  • • Generate reports to gauge employee-wise and organization-wise productivity

5. Ease of use

Your facial biometric attendance system can have all the features but if it isn’t easy to use, those features would mean nothing. For instance, the attendance system needs to have a dashboard where you can access attendance details of different employees. Adding and removing employees should also not be difficult. The working of face recognition is self-explanatory.

Facial Recognition Uses

KENT CamAttendance is very easy to use and covers all the important aspects and many more to make marking attendance of employees very convenient. Therefore, the use of face recognition system is growing rapidly.

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Facial Recognition Attendance System is a quick and safe attendance management system. Before installing such attendance system, you must consider all the important features. Kent CamAttendance is one of the best attendance systems and is developed with the unique features for a seamless attendance management. Replace your old attendance system with latest Kent CamAttendance touchless attendance system to enhance the efficiency of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is face recognition attendance important?

A facial recognition attendance system helps to recognize and verify an employee’s facial features and to record attendance automatically. One of the major face detection applications is that it can prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your office.

How does facial recognition improve security?

Face Recognition Attendance system automates the attendance marking process and eliminates any sort of human interference. Unwanted entries can be prevented, and it notifies the authority if any unrecognized face is detected at the workplace.

What are the core features of the time and attendance module?

Time and attendance tracking is one of any business’s most vital day-to-day operations. It may seem trivial, but managing hours is crucial for all members of an organization. Some of the core features of the attendance management system includes Reporting and Analysis, Integration Capabilities, Clocking-in and Clocking-out, Accessible Timesheets, Leave management, and Cloud-based solution.

What is the purpose of a face recognition system for attendance?

Attendance system helps to manage the clock in and clock out time of the employees. Daily attendance is a really important metric to measure performance. Additionally, an attendance system helps to calculate the salary of the employees. Kent CamAttendance is one of the most popular facial recognition attendance systems with various facial recognition uses.


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