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How to Choose CCTV for Home Security Camera

One of the questions that homeowners ask themselves before they make a decision on whether or not they need a home security camera system, is can they use this camera system as a replacement for security guards? Are these modern home security camera systems good enough and technologically advanced enough to reduce or even eliminate the presence of humans in the surveillance landscape? Yes, it is possible for security cameras to replace security guards. But, whether or not they can do that depends on how they are used.

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The surveillance solutions that we have access to these days are unlike any such security solutions that we have ever witnessed or used. The evolution of security camera technology has moved at a dynamic pace. And technologies like night vision, artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, and analytics have played a huge role in the development of surveillance systems that can challenge human intelligence and monitoring capabilities. And it is due to these technological advancements that people have started thinking about something as unique as whether or not these security cameras can beat or even match security guards at their job. Here are a few things that will provide an interesting take on how security cameras can replace security guards:

Amongst other things, it can be argued that security cameras have a better field of view. And we all know that we have limitations in our vision, especially peripheral vision. And when you have security guards with restricted peripheral vision manning your property, it is likely that criminals will be able to enter your property without getting noticed. That’s what security camera can set right. Home security camera systems like KENT CamEye HomeCam 360 come with 360 degree field of view that can swivel to any angle and provide you a clearer view of almost everything inside a room.

Security cameras are cost-effective as well. The number of security guards you need to keep an eye on your property would depend on how big it is. So, if you have a huge property, you will need more security guards. And thus, you will be required to bear more operational expenses as well. When you switch to security cameras, you will be able to cut down on these costs significantly. Also, these cameras only come with an initial investment and require little to no maintenance.

Security cameras help you with a lot more than just protecting your properties against crimes. Most people associate security cameras with protection. However, there is more to them than meets the eye. They provide property owners and keepers with the much-needed assurance and peace of mind. By installing a camera, you are providing your people with the assurance that nothing wrong is going to happen. It is also quite inconvenient for some people to see security guards patrolling their properties the entire time. That’s why security cameras are a better option as they do their job without requiring any human intervention.

Home security camera systems are perpetually alert, doing what they are supposed to no matter it is day or night. We have to agree that the job of security guards is not easy. And as humans, even security guards are exposed to involuntary loss in concentration. And they can also be distracted and feel fatigued. This is the time when criminals can capitalise. However, home security cameras are not exposed to such lapses. Criminals can never expect to get away when security cameras are watching their movements.

By installing security cameras in your office or home, you will take a big step towards optimising integrity of all the individuals that occupy or visit your property. Knowing that their movements are being monitored, everyone will ensure that they exhibit their best behaviour. What’s more, security cameras can act as your last line of defence. Even if criminals manage to breach the security net created by security guards, they can still get caught by security cameras. This will also help in preventing occurrence of such events in the future.


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