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Property developers and managers have their work cut out when it comes to providing security to hundreds of residents that live in apartments. While most of the residential societies that we see these days have security personnel manning all entries and exits, there are still gaps that need to be filled to eliminate fear in residents and potential buyers.

Even a single unforeseen event can harm the market reputation of the builder beyond repair. So, it is imperative that developers look for ways that can help them strengthen the security of individual apartments, common areas, and the residential complex as a whole. This is where cctv in apartment buildings comes into play.

Advantages of cctv camera for apartment

Here mentioned are major advantages of cctv camera for apartment:-

1. Provides Safety

 CCTV camera for apartment can do a great job of providing safety to the residents of your society. The right security cameras to complement other security measures already put in place can put your residential complex as one of the more secure and safe places to live in.

2. Important Amenity

You can add cctv camera as an important amenity in the list to make your property gain more traction from potential buyers. It will also give you an edge over your competitors and make your residential complex one of the most sought after properties in the area. Security cameras in your property can have a positive impact on occupancy. The occupancy rate can shoot up considerably once the cameras are installed, and buyers are assured about their security.

3. Acts as Deterrent for Mischiefs

Security cameras in plain sight in a residential complex will be a deterrent for potential mischief makers and can stop them in their tracks.

4. Provides Evidence

The footage recorded by the apartment cctv cameras serves as an excellent piece of evidence. The video footage recorded by the wireless security cameras for apartment buildings can be used by the police to find the culprit and take necessary action. 

5. Remote Monitoring and Alerts

The smart security cameras for apartment buildings is the best device for remote monitoring of your premises and it comes with smart alerts. So, if an intruder tries to make entry inside your premises, you will receive immediate alerts on your mobile phone. Thereby, helping you to ensure safety of your home. 

6. Offers Peace of Mind

Installing the best cctv camera for apartment keeps the criminal away from your premises. Also, since you can monitor your home and family 24/7, so it leads to complete peace of mind. You must install best security camera system for apartment to keep an eye on your home ensuring its safety round the clock. 

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Factors to Consider when Installing a security camera for apartment

When it comes to deciding the best home security camera for an apartment, there is a wide range of choices that represents the many variables that could potentially affect your decision.


Apartments can come in a range of sizes and types including studios, micro apartments, and duplexes, among others. You must look at the size of the apartment while considering purchasing a security.


When determining the best surveillance camera for your apartment, it’s important to ask yourself what functions you are looking for.


Home security cannot be compromised. But still you must consider the budget of the camera before making a purchase for the security system for the apartment.

Location and Coverage

If you are considering to install a cctv for apartment, it is important to consider the location and coverage. You must install it in a place from where the home can be monitored properly. It is also essential to see if the camera is able to provide maximum coverage or not. 

Image Quality

The image quality of the best cctv camera for apartment is one of its most significant qualities. You must opt for security cameras with a resolution of at least 720p. It may also go as high as 1080p for recording and streaming.

Storage and Recording

Most security cameras for apartments provide either local or cloud storage. You must choose to go for the cctv in apartment buildings or camera with cloud storage. This will ensure that every recording is stored permanently. So, you do not need to worry about losing recordings. 

Connectivity and Remote Monitoring

It is also important to ensure that the cctv in apartment buildings offer good connectivity. At the same time, it should also be capable of remote monitoring. You must go for smart security system with monitoring even from a distant location. 

Power Source

You must opt for the best security camera system for apartment that simply plug into a standard outlet so that it can be installed almost anywhere . However, you can also go for the battery-powered security cameras which comes with the wide possibilities of installing a cctv for apartment.

Installation and Maintenance Requirements

There are many apartment cctv cameras that can be installed seamlessly without the professional help. You must opt for DIY installation cameras. Additionally, it is also better to go for wireless security cameras for apartment buildings which is easy to maintain. This will cut down on the maintenance cost.

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How to properly deploy a security camera system for your building?

To deploy a security camera system for your building, you need to take into account the camera’s viewing angle. It will be easier to plan deployment, if you know the camera’s viewing angle. Cameras facing outside should be installed on all the four corners of a building.

How do I choose the right surveillance camera for my apartment?

To choose the right surveillance camera for your apartment, you must consider the following:-

  1. Video quality of the camera
  2. Security features of the camera
  3. Price of the security camera


Whether the residents of your society are taking a walk in the park or taking the stairs or elevator to move up and down, they should always feel comfortable and safe. By installing apartment surveillance cameras at different strategic locations inside your property complex, you will be able to deter potential criminals and provide residents with peace of mind.

Some of the areas in your society that you should install security cameras include entry and exit points, hallways, stairs/lifts, kids play area, clubhouse, green spaces, and gymnasium amongst others. This will allow property occupants to gather for communal activities knowing that there are measures in place that make their safety a priority. And this is what property management is all about.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the top 3 Reasons to Choose CCTV in apartment buildings?

Security camera for the apartment complex is always watching and recording. The best kinds of security cameras for apartments are part of a system that can actively detect suspicious activity and if potential and current residents feel safer because of your apartment security system, some tenants may choose to stay longer, improving the reliability of your business income.

2. Can you put a security camera outside your apartment?

Yes, you can put a security camera outside your apartment.  However, it is important that the presence and recording of security cameras shouldn’t violate the rights of the people. Everyone has a right to expect privacy as well.

3. Can I put a camera on my front door apartment

You can put a security camera on the front door of the apartment. It will help to ensure security from the criminals.

4. What’s the difference between surveillance cameras and security cameras?

Security cameras are the type of security systems often used in apartments, parking lots, banks and other businesses to monitor customers and store operations. However, Surveillance cameras are installed in public areas for the purpose of preventing or detecting criminal activity.

5. What are the benefits of using an apartment surveillance camera?

Apartment Surveillance Cameras are used to keep the residential areas safe from criminals. An entire network of surveillance cameras makes up the closed-circuit system that is used for monitoring and controlling a specific property.

6. What are the different types of apartment surveillance cameras?

There are various types of apartment surveillance cameras such as Monitored Security Systems, Unmonitored Security Systems, Wired Security Systems, and Wireless Security Systems.

7. What are the different features of different apartment surveillance cameras?

Access control is the most critical feature of an apartment building security system. To ensure security of people and property in your apartment building, you need to control who enters the property. Other features are door and window sensors, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

8. How do I choose the right surveillance camera for my needs?

To choose the right surveillance camera for your needs, you must consider important factors such as features, price of the camera and your suitability. Pick the right surveillance camera to ensure the security of your residential or commercial buildings.

9. What types of security cameras are suitable for apartments

There are indoor and outdoor security cameras. Most people prefer indoor security camera with wide coverage for the complete protection of their homes. 

10. Do apartment security cameras require professional installation?

Some of the modern security cameras do not require professional installation. Since, it can be easily installed. It is always better to go for such cameras with hassle-free installation. 

11. How much do apartment security cameras cost?

The cost of apartment security cameras differ from one to another brand. Kent CamEye HomeCam 360 is available at an affordable rate. You need to pay only Rs.2999.

12. Can apartment security cameras be monitored remotely?

Yes, smart apartment security camera systems such as Kent CamEye HomeCam 360 can be monitored remotely. By installing the best cctv camera for apartment, you can easily find out what is going on inside your home at any given point of time. 

13. How can apartment security cameras improve safety and security?

Apartment cctv cameras helps you to keep an eye on your homes 24/7 with the help of live streaming. You can also receive alerts if an intruder tries to make entry inside your premises. Thus, due to the presence of such security features, apartment security camera systems improve safety and security of your home and family. 


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